Jacquelynjane Kurtz
Feb. 1989 – Mar. 2020

Jacque passed on March 27th at 12:01am. 

She left behind 3 sisters (Kate, Samantha, Anne), 3 brothers (Tyler, Josh, Nick), two mothers (Jill, Charlotte), her beloved son (Emmett), and many others. 

We are currently waiting on a coroner’s report which could take up to 18 weeks. 

From what we know, thanks to the police officer who reported to the scene and other present at the time, it appears she passed in her sleep due to an accidental overdose of an opiate called suboxone. 

The substance commonly reacts poorly with weak or damaged hearts. Jacque had a weakened heart due to previous issues and they believe that’s why she was able to overdose so easily. This is all gathered from people present at her death and simply inference from what we know about her and the situation.  

We have decided to simply leave this information here as it is and if anyone wants to know more, they can contact me (Anne) through facebook and I will try my best to let you know when we know more.